“$1k a Day Program”

Attention Property Locators and Bird Dogs Across The US!

Do You Have A Talent for Finding Deals? 

You could transform your local market knowledge into cash. I am always looking to buy distressed properties and land in all parts of South Carolina.

I buy big lots, small lot, rural lots.

If you know someone who is interested in selling. Or if you know how to find real estate under market value, I want to work with you!

I offer up to $1,000.00 cash for any referral that I close.

If you are a birddog, and can help me locate distressed properties in your South Carolina, I’ll set you up with your own affiliate code, therefore if I close on a property you bring to me, I will meet you and pay you $1,000.00 cash. As an incentive, I might be able to get you a bonus .5% depending on the quality of the deal.