How to Sell My Land for More Money

Seller Financing Documents Review

In this video, I discuss the benefits of seller financing distressed property and how I sell my land for more money. You can find copies of the contracts I use to buy or sell property using seller financing. My contracts are specific to South Carolina, please consult an attorney to determine whether these contracts are right for you.

Finding buyers can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true for properties that don’t fit the typical model of traditional real estate. Traditional sales consist of 90% of all real estate transactions in South Carolina. Traditional sales occur when a house is in good condition and qualifies for a mortgage from a lending institution like a bank or credit union.

Whenever you are selling real estate that doesn’t meet this standard, your pool of potential buyers decreases. When you have a decrease in buyers, you also have a decrease in the purchase price.

So how can you increase the number of potential buyers for your distressed house or piece of land? Seller financing. 

Check out my video where I discuss seller financing contracts.

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